Using Jarvo

Welcome to Jarvo! We're delighted to have you on our alpha testing program. As one of the first companies to use Jarvo, your input is invaluable to help us build a product that truly helps you work more efficiently, connect better and reduce Zoom fatigue. Scroll down to discover how to get started.


Install & create an account

You'll need to install Jarvo to get started. Firstly, click to download the installer.

Open to install it and make sure it's copied to your applications folder.

Then just follow the instructions. Make sure to enter your work email to ensure you'll be automatically added to your team. Then enter your name, role and profile picture - use one that easily identifies you to your team.


See the status of your team

You'll now see the Jarvo dock with your colleagues in it. Colleagues connected together in boxes are already on a call. Those with a green dot are free, orange dots are busy with work and red dots are offline. You can change your own status between busy and free using the toggle at the bottom. Closing the app or shutting down your computer changes you to offline.


Making and receiving calls

To contact someone, first click on their picture to see more information about them. From there, just click the button to call. You can't call people who are already on a call or offline. You can call those who are both free and busy, but try not to disturb people who are busy too much. The first time you make a call you'll be asked to enable your camera and mic, make sure to accept this or you won't be able to join calls.

That's it!

Over the next few months we have a lot of new features on our roadmap. We'll be enabling group calls, in-call settings such as muting and screen-share, joining existing calls, external calls, automatically setting status and more. We'll be rolling this functionality to you as we go.

We'd love to hear from you with any feedback, feature requests or information about how you're using Jarvo. Just email us on