Our Story

Dan, Founder & CEO on that lightbulb moment 💡


The problem


Jarvo was born out of my own frustration being unable to work from home due to lack of space + distractions. Commuting to rigid co-working spaces and working in noisy cafe's just wasn't sustainable and did not feel feel like I was part of any community.

Back in early 2021, still in Lockdown, I remember a conversation with my neighbour asking what he should do with a spare room of his. A few weeks later I was met with an important call I needed to make, so with home rife with noise and distractions, I grabbed my laptop and shot straight round to my neighbours to use that spare room.

Ding - the lightbulb flashes

The following day, I had the same issue so returned to Charles'. He was paid and I had THE most productive afternoon I'd had in a long time.

Whilst working in his spare room, I thought, there must be something like this that exists already so began searching only to find Airbnb which was not economical or practical having to pay for a full nights stay which I did not need. So I immediately got to work, setting up a basic site, inviting all my friends, family and a few neighbours in a 10km radius to list their workspaces.

The idea has legs


Three weeks later we had over 500 people sign up for a newsletter and began bombarding me with requests for workspaces in London, Scotland, Manchester and even Yorkshire.  Many shared the same issue with me but others also included a musician who had been paying £150 / day at an Airbnb to write music as he was unable to work at home with his house sharers. A man who was wheelchair bound who always found the daily commute a struggle and a woman who loved the idea of a short walk to a local workspace down her road.



We're currently building a world where everyone has access to a beautiful workspace within a 15 minute walk or cycle commute from their home.  Our vision for the future of work is one that is decentralised, diverse and truly sustainable.

Check our recent crowdfunding video below. We hit target in 42 seconds, faster than Monzo did back in 2016 at 96 seconds!!! 👇