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Our story

Creating a world where working, connection and collaboration is local, within a 10 minute walk or cycle commute from your doorstep.


A Problem Too Big to Ignore

In 2022, I discovered a major unsolved problem: The dilemma of remote work and the inability to find a local workspace. It is not just a personal inconvenience but also a huge inefficiency in the global work structure. I need a place to focus and work, but the nearest co-working space is a 40-minute commute away.

Then one day, my neighbour offered me his space to work in. It worked brilliantly. That's when I realised this problem was shared by so many others.

Soon after, Jarvo was born...

This isn't just about cutting your commute and giving you a better place to work. This is about giving you back your time to spend doing things you love.

It's about less noise and traffic. Improving your mental and physical health. Building community connections. Helping the planet.

It's Much More Than Just Work - It's a Vision for a Better Life

Welcome to Jarvo. This isn't just the future of work. It's the future of your life, your community, and our planet.

Daniel Hillman ~ Founder & CEO